Removals Service Makes Job Easier

The Inn is opened and in full swing! But there was a lot happening in the background. Of course many won’t see it but it happens nevertheless. The decors and furniture are in the right spot, ready to make you feel comfortable. But the logistics and manpower required to organize the relocations of the couches, coffee tables amongst other stuff is a huge effort. So what was our secret in getting this done with minimal fuss? Keep reading because Ages Past Inn has already done the unthinkable!

When doing something which is not your forte, the trick is to outsource it. Sound simple right? But you’d be surprise how many people still attempt to do it themselves. That is why you sometime have to sit back and think about your next step. Don’t straight away get up and start lifting things (in this case of relocating the decors and furniture). Instead, think of a plan. Our plan was let someone else do the work! Not that we’re lazy, but we are smart! Our time is best spent doing other business related stuff.. right? Wouldn’t you agree?

Break the task down to a more manageable size.So we sat down around the table and here was our plan of attack:

  1. How many pieces do we need to relocate?
  2. How far is the storage to our inn? Distance will affect pricing
  3. Who will actually do the work?
  4. How much will it cost?
  5. What is our budget?
  6. Availability
  7. When to do the move?

See, not that hard.. at all. Well it’s easy once you break it down. One big task, made easier. Management would like to thank our staff and of course family members who helped us with the plan and finding the right removalists to take on the mammoth job of relocating our valuable assets. Well, come on in! We’re ready for business! Secretly, we’d like to thank the removal company .. see give credit when it’s due!

Welcome To Our Virtual Inn!

Welcome to our virtual inn! The official opening day.

This will be a memorable day to us and we’ll mark it accordingly in our diary. Putting the decors up such as old paintings and vase around the forum area. Our till has just been turned on and ready to accept payments. Currently we only got a total of 6 staff members:

  • Ken – owner and manager
  • Jill – receptionist
  • Biba – housekeeping
  • Joe – cleaner and all round maintenance guy
  • Shelley – decorator
  • Smith – “outdoor guy”

As our virtual inn business grow. We may need more staff. So stay tuned!